My name’s Pete and I’ve been in the copywriting and content business for 10 years, either writing it, editing or just reading about it. I still love it as much as the day I opened the pages of my first copywriting book back in 2009.

I worked for 6 years in digital marketing agencies – 4 as an in-house copywriter and content editor – where I gained a solid grounding in optimising content so that not just your audience will love your words, but Google as well. And we all know how important that is!

I’ve written content on all kinds of subjects, from travel, finance and retail through to automotives, Ayurvedic medicine, loft conversions, vaping, business coaching and more. I’m particularly fond of writing on business and personal development topics.

In a past professional life, I was a translator. That was a long time ago, though, but it’s how I got into this cool trade o’ mine in the first place.

When I’m not in my big red chair clacking at my keyboard, you’ll find me splashing around in the swimming pool, learning a new language or relaxing with a book in my local Costa coffee bar. I take it black.